Bad Salzuflen 04.–06.02.2020

[Tiny] Spaces: From Square Meters to Shared Meters

At the “[Tiny] Spaces: From Square Metres to Shared Metres” special event in February 2020, ZOW will inspire new ideas among visitors from the worlds of industry, skilled trades, design and interiors and give rise to new product and service development concepts. The whole event will revolve around the question of how to solve the global megatrend for increasingly scarce living space and the trend towards shared spaces with multifunctional uses.

Across a spacious exhibition area, the special event will create three living concepts and take a solution-driven and pragmatic approach to bring them to life. The focus will be on ZOW’s exhibitors, who will present their skilfully staged ideas for products and solutions to visitors from Germany and neighbouring European countries.

  • The first living concept will take up the idea of the younger generation living within a small footprint – best described by the term “student living”.
Taking centre stage in a small apartment will be a modern, casual furnishing model, eco-friendly materials and finishes as well as many ideas for space-saving designs. Top priority will be given here to furnishings with practical functions, which can be adapted flexibly to suit the time of day. Consequently, the kitchen will be reduced to the essentials – but without sacrificing comfort and usability. The concept aims to express the fusion of living room, bedroom and minimalist kitchen. Additional themes, such as sustainability (upcycling, recycling, renewable raw materials), will also play a key role throughout all aspects of the design, as will digital networking and products – and not forgetting the positive lighting effect created by lighting compositions and colour schemes.

  • The second living concept will be a study of tiny spaces for a somewhat older generation and is perhaps best summarised by the term “senior living”.
The guiding principle here is age-appropriate living, which also provides and envisages solutions for people with limited mobility. The furnishings vary, with some items being motorised and conceived with accessibility in mind from the outset. The materials are high quality, and the designs are shaped so as to provide stability when gripped or sat upon. Nevertheless, the apartment radiates warmth, taste and a love of nature – colour and light are essential elements. Supportive, digital assistance systems are just as important as the fusion of the “living/sleeping” and “bathroom” areas.

  • The third “shared space” living concept is intended as a linking element. In the spirit of bringing people together, this space can have – and is intended to have – a connecting and communal function for the two separate living concepts described above.
In the future, these shared spaces will play a major role in an increasing number and an increasing variety of living situations, whether in hotels, co-working offices or multigenerational homes and shared accommodation. Their multifunctional use means that the furnishing themes of co-cooking, co-working and co-living are important.
As a result, the various functions of the furniture and of the space itself blend into one another. For example, the same tables can be used as dining tables in the morning, workbenches during the day and as a play area in the evening. Storage space and power points are integrated. Solutions for regulating acoustics are an important issue. Room dividers create zones and quieter corners. The colour scheme and lighting design adapt the atmosphere of the room to suit the time of day and the usage situation. Functions such as screens and kitchenettes can be added. The seating options are as diverse as the users themselves. Indoor and outdoor spaces merge, especially in the summer.

The special event aims to draw the visitors’ attention to the products and solutions offered by the exhibitors, so that only these will be physically on show and therefore available to be experienced. Everything else will be deliberately omitted and merely sketched in – quite literally.

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